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Friday, February 1, 2008

VW Phaeton tuning by JE Design!

JE Design is a professional tuner from Germany’s Leingarten of brands such as VW, Audi and SEAT. It offers products like V-max controller to turn on/off speed limiter during the drive and front mask without VW’s badge.

The speed limiter is also installed in Volkswagen Phaeton 4.2 liter V8 4-motion and 6.0 liter /W12 4-motion. It stops acceleration at 250 kmph and it’s controlled by programmable ECM system. A standard ECM system with maximum diagnostic capability like meeting all exhaust requirements can be reprogrammed without any obstructions or breaking technical specs. But new ECM systems can come soon.

Just one reprogramming of ECM allows Phaeton to reach 276kmph. And it still meets all TUV requirements.
JE Design also offers a very fancy front grill for all Phaeton’s models. It has no VW badge so now it’s even more elegant. In this case we can’t expect sporting experiments, because the most important values are precious work and first class quality. Because there’s no other company on the market offering modifications for this car, it’s quite popular. And this result was proved by TUV.

JE Design developed an electronic module to decrease Phaeton with pneumatic suspension. This modification involves also new wheels. There are 8,5 x 20“, ET 30mm in front and 10 x 20“, ET 35mm at the back made by German manufacturer AZEV, type PS. The manufacturer recommends Dunlop / Continental / Good Year / Pirelli or Yokohama tires with 255/35 R20 and 285/30 R20Y tires. JE Design has also own models – Multispoke. Visage, Masterline in 18“ and 19“ versions.


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