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Friday, February 1, 2008

Opel Zafira II tuning by OPC

Daddy cool! So that’s the way how Opel introduced its vehicle for family trips with adrenaline potential. It‘s a second generation of Zafira in its most powerful version tuned by OPC (Opel Performance). And now it’s also the fastest European stock MPV. It has same engine as smaller Astra OPC – 2 liters of turbocharged volume producing 176kW (240hp). The power is transferred through the 6-speed manual transmission and thanks to 320Nm of torque it can „fly“ at 231kmph and beat 100kmph in 7.8 seconds. Safety first, so OPC guys installed sharp brakes – 321mm in front and slightly smaller 278mm at the back.

Pictures of Opel Zafira Tuning:



Besides traditional safety features as traction control, there’s also an ESP and new feature in this class – an intelligent suspension IDS Plus cooperating with CDC system of shock-absorbers. Recaro seats dominate in the cabin with seven seats. You can easily recognize OPC version of Zafira by four typical colors – blue Ardenblau, black, red and silver. The chassis has massive bumpers and side sills, everything in typical OPC style. 18“ rims are standard, but you can order 19“ version. Zafira is 2 years on the market, but it’s still unbeatable.


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