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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Peugeot 307cc tuning by Carzone Specials

Today, we have again something interesting from the visual tuning by Carzone Specials, the company that’s famous on the European market for its beautiful and extravagant spoilers on various brands. It prepared a brand-new bodykit called Samurai for all Peugeot 307cc cars. Besides the spoilers, the car has more new accessories to see. Read more in this article.

Peugeot 307cc:

Peugeot 307cc
After the very successful introduction of 206 CC, the French manufacturer Peugeot decided to continue in the „CC“ tradition. It chose a very popular model among its customers – Peugeot 307 and then introduced its CC version in autumn 2003. The biggest advantage of the CC vehicles is their hard rooftop that guarantees your style in summer and protection against severe weather in winter.

With four real places, its new HDI FAP 136 motor, its built-in sports bumper with a large air intake and chrome grille, it displays a powerful, determined character.

Peugeot 307cc Tuning:

Peugeot 307cc tuning
The Peugeot 307CC is especially for young and dynamic people and the guys of Carzone Specials appreciate this fact. The company focused particularly on visual tuning offers a front spoiler and side sills that are fully compatible with the version 307. As we know about Carzone Specials, they install mostly bumpers of distinctive shapes attracting all fans, no matter if younger or older. There’s a big opening in the front bumper covered with a black perforated sheet and used for air-intake to the cooler. As it’s common, there are smaller cut-outs on the sides that intake cool air to the front brake discs, so they prevent their overheating and improve the car‘s overall safety.

The rear bumper continues in the lines of the car and aesthetically refreshes them. There’s a place for a license plate in the middle and on the left we can see an oval exhaust tip of tuned exhaust system. Air turbulence behind the car is minimized thanks to the diffuser that fits with the lines of the spoiler. Morette – a French manufacturer produces very marketable, exclusive lens headlights, and its products are popular also in this case. Rear LED backlights remain intact. The hood is now made of carbon and it’s also a place for stickers of cooperating companies. The outer beauty is improved with carbon door mirrors with blinkers and wing.

Under the car we can enjoy neon bulbs that illuminate after dark and distinguish the car. The highlights of the show are LSD (Lambo Style Doors), an original system of vertical door opening. But don’t forget about electron rims with low-profile tires that are must.

If you look inside, you can’t miss sporting, but still elegant Street tuner seats. There are additional gauges on the left A-post for better control over the car. The right A-post has an extinguisher in case of the fire. As we used in the vehicles by Carzone Specials, parts of the interior has same color as the exterior and often we can find laminated parts. Majority of out households own some DVD player in this hi-tech era, so this gadget can’t miss also in this CC. Pioneer displays are installed in the head restrains and entertain rear passengers during and after the ride. All parts from Carzone Specials are certified and homologized in all countries of the European Union and meet the requirements of German TŰV (Technischer Űberwachungs Verein).


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