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Saturday, February 2, 2008

BMW 1 tuned by Rieger Tuning

There’s no need for close introduce of German tuner Rieger Tuning. Also „ordinary“ fans know that its products belong to top of the market. And in today’s article we’d like to present you Bavarian model 1-class (E187) modified by this company.

A Rieger’s hand is noticeable at every sight on the vehicle. The company is focused on every detail and every part of the bodykit is designed to respect quality, aesthetics and sporting look of the automobile. The front bumper is proof of this philosophy. Its shape copies the stock bumper, but there are new openings for air-suction covered with a perforated sheet. The side openings include fog lamps. Thanks to this simple change the sporting look is now more distinctive. The rest of the front remains stock. Other modifications were made on the side sills. Rieger choose an innovative design for them, with opening in front and at the back. The perfectly match with the front bumper and they look massive thanks to its wider ends. The rear part has a new bottom spoiler. There’s same perforated sheet used as in case of the front bumper. In two side openings we can see sporting double exhaust tips. There’s a spoiler over the rear window. There’s not only for some aesthetical function, but it increases down-force on the rear axle. Five-spoke, chromed WORK rims are obvious and they wear low-profile tires.

Rieger Tuning has proved again that also only simple improvements are necessary to achieve a great look of any car. Once again it’s clear that Rieger belongs to the elite and we can’t wait for another masterpiece from their workshops.


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