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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Peugeot 207 Tuning – Quick Fit bodykit!

Peugeot 207, a successor of very successful and maybe legendary model 206 is now stabile part of the market. As we used to see before, a new model brings also new equipment and tuning accessories. And we can find there also Belgian legend among its first tuners – Carzone Specials – styling professionals.

The Peugeot 207 continues in the success way of its predecessor. Its design is similar to previous model, but the shapes are now more modern. The hood descends to its „smiling“ mask and headlights are dynamic and predacity.

It’s bigger compared to the 206 and that’s visible especially in the interior where passengers enjoy enough space also at the back. The interior is elegant and characteristic with clean lines and simple layout of controllers.

There is a wide range of petrol and diesel engines to choose from. We can mention a small, but economical and lively 1.4 HDI diesel engine producing 68hp (50kw) or 1.6 gasoline engine developed in cooperation with BMW.

Peugeot 207 Tuning
This unit offers amazing torque 240Nm at 1400rpm and 110kw (150hp). Thanks to these parameters you have guarantee that these 1356kgs allow you to drive sporty and dynamic.

So that power needs some really good sporting exterior. So this is the time to look for various bodykits. And one of these bodykits is available in a portfolio of Carzone Specials.

My first look at photos of this 207 made by Carzone Specials made me surprised. Carzone Specials is know for its action, aggressive bodykits, but this Frenchie has only nice plastics that don’t interfere with lines of really well designed vehicle. This bodykit is maybe better than more aggressive that I’ve seen before.

The bodykit called Stream consists of spoiler on the front bumper. It’s same in case of three or five door version. The Belgians removed the Peugeot badge from the mask.

Peugeot 207 Tuning Of course, we can see side sills that continue in the line of front spoiler. This line directs to the rear spoiler that is available only for diesel engine, but Carzone Specials is preparing also spoiler for gasoline engines. So lovers of high revs shouldn’t be sad.

All parts of this decent bodykit are made with Quick Fit system. This system wil be used also with next favorite bodykits. But what is this system? It’s a way of installing spoilers on bumpers that can reduce time of installation for about 75% compared to ordinary spoilers.

Laminated bodykits are various. Some producers offer good quality, but some degrade overall reputation of these parts. So the Quick Fit system requires more effort of distributors to sell. The best way how to persuade customers that Quick Fit parts are different is to demonstrate its quality compared to ordinary products.

The ordinary laminated bodykits have thin hem (2-3mm) so sometimes a professional installation is necessary. A lot of glue and tension of parts need to be hold-up with tapes or cramps and you need to wait. So you can’t enjoy your new tuning for a longer time.


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