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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hamann Ferrari F430 Tuning!

Ferrari F430 Tuning
Maybe you’ve noticed that Hamman isn’t only focused on the BMWs. Now its activities cover almost all premium and luxury brands including supersports. About two years ago they tuned Ferrari 360 Modena, so they can’t miss its successor – the Ferrari F430. They present it as a racing car suitable for ordinary driving.

So let’s take a look what it really means. The Hamann engineers created a discreet bodykit that was tested in a wind tunnel. Despite of the stock’s very individual character, this Hamman’s can’t be mistaken. The front spoiler guarantees enough trust on the rear axle and sill extensions optimalize air-flow around the body.

Its reworked rear diffuser made of composite materials is used for thrust on the rear axle. By the way, some used parts are made of ABS plastics can be also ordered made of composite.

Next group of engineers found out that the engine has some more power hidden in its exhaust system. They’ve developed brand-new tubes and lead-ins and with help of racing catalyzers they achieved 25 kW more (48hp). They made improvements on the suspension, handling and brakes.

You can choose from two types and few dimensions of the wheels. There are PG3 and Anniversary II models from 9x19 to 8.5x20 in front and 11.5x19 to 12.5x20 at the back. Of course there are many carbon accessories for the interior and not very nice price.


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