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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weineck Cobra 780 cui Limited Edition – a modern devil in classic body!

Today’s world is overcrowded with new trends, gadgets and modern stuff. Maybe in the near future we’ll have mobile phones installed in our hands or credit cards in thumbs. So this is also the case of automotive industry where technology rules. It’s not bad, but sometimes we forget about classics. The classic on four wheels reigned many years ago and beat speed limits. There were cars with highest performance and look great also today.

Let’s take some examples as ´69 Dodge Charger RT or Shelby Cobra CSX 4000. These famous names remain in our heads and hearts. But there are people that don’t want only to remember those times but resurrect this golden age. We’re talking about the guys from Weineck Engineering that started to rebuild the most famous classic roadster – Cobra. So come on, take a look at the result, but some history first.

History of Shelby Cobra

Everything started in 1923 in American town Leesburg in Texas, when a boy called Carroll Shelby was born. In that time nobody had idea that this little baby would be a part of automotive history and his name would be held by the most famous roadsters.

Carroll was an ordinary guy; he was studying, fighting in a war and then working at farm. But after few years he left farming and became a racer.

He was racing with passion and it was noticeable that he loved cars really much. In 1954 he became a professional racer after success competitions. He became widely popular and during the years 1956 and 1957 he was honored as the Sports Car Driver of the Year by famous Sports Illustrated.

He always had dream to build its own car. He was always drawing and trying to create his own design. He also realized its name – Cobra. And then it happened. His first own built car was also famous as CSX2000 or Cobra. It was born with a V8 engine made by Ford. This was just the beginning – next cars were 427 S/C Cobra, Cobra 289, Shelby GT 350SR, GT 500E „Eleanor”...


The core is ´65 Shelby Cobra 427, the best roadster in those times and roads. It attracted people not only with unique design, but also with its performance. And those numbers were enormous. The car was powered by Ford’s 7.0 liter V8 power plant producing stock 425hp (362kW) at 6500rpm. It was controlled with a 4-speed manual transmissions and its top speed was 266kmph. But more impressive value is its acceleration. It can easily beat 100kmph in just 4.2 seconds. Unbelievable, the power of the 60’s. This cars was and is still beast with „mojo.“


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