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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

GM Heritage Center, the displays

As I’ve said before, the GM Heritage Center is less of a museum and more of a private collection, so the facility has more of a feel of warehouse, but GM does have a handful of displays that help illustrate the company’s history, including a sampling of the more than 400 engines in the collection.

1949 Cadillac V-8 Chevrolet V-8 Chevrolet four-cylinder

I know I’ve read about this unlabeled Cadillac V-12 prototype engine, but can’t find any references to it right offhand.

Henry Leland’s Johannson gauges

While the neons along the lower row are available as reproductions through GM’s Photo Store, the rest are restored originals.

Oldsmobile rocket sign once served as a landmark in Flemingsburgh, Kentucky.

Part of one of the propellers from the first full-size wind tunnel at GM’s Technical Center.

Anybody who took part in the Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild contests should be familiar with this model.

In the back room, more displays are stacked, almost without rhyme or reason. The large Cadillac crest was used for auto shows in the 1930s, Wallace said.

GM even gave a nod toward its past involvement with trains in the display boxes, but of course I was drawn to this Art and Colour sketch of a streamlined GM truck and trailer.Source:blog.hemmings

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