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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

a visit to the GM Heritage Center, concepts and show cars

A significant portion of the GM Heritage Center’s display floor consists of various prototype, concept and show cars from throughout the years, including the multihued Corvette concepts above (AeroVette, front; Corvette TigerShark and Corvette Indy, center; one of the CERVs, rear). Of course I couldn’t ignore them while roaming the display.

The Le Sabre. If you couldn’t tell, we’re big fans of the Le Sabre around these parts. I’d seen it in person before at the Glenmoor Gathering a few years back, but it’s always a thrill to see it before you.

Two of the three Firebird turbine cars still makes for an impressive display.

On the left, the Cadillac Imaj; on the right, the EldoRODo.

The Astro II…

…and the Astro III, still on the original display stand

Buick’s Blackhawk, a modern interpretation of the Y-Job from several years ago.

Cadillac’s 1953 Le Mans two-seat roadster concept

Pontiac’s third generation of the Banshee concept. Behind it, the 1977 Type K Trans Am.

The two Corvair Monza concepts, the GT on the left and the SS on the right. They’re much smaller in person than in any photographs I’ve seen before.

And in the lobby they had this 1958 Corvette that Harley Earl let a staff of female designers loose on. They came up with the custom color, along with a host of minor touches intended to make the Corvette more female-friendly.


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