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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

GM Heritage Center, the displays

In the April issue of Hemmings Classic Car, the second issue of our two-part celebration of GM’s centennial, you’ll find a pair of articles about the GM Heritage Center in Sterling Heights, Michigan: one profiling Greg Wallace, the director of the center, and another sampling the cars in the collection.

Unfortunately, the GM Heritage Center is not a museum and not open to the general public, so unless you’re among the fortunate few to get a chance to tour it, consider this your best glimpse into the collection.

Of course, we couldn’t show nearly all of the photographs I took the day I visited the Heritage Center, and last-minute changes in the page count for the issue forced us to cut a few pages from both stories. But fortunately, we have the blog.

So over the next several days, I’ll include as many of these photos as possible before my editors tell me to get back to working on other stories. Dialup users beware!


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