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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Supercars -Ferrari 599 Supercars

Ferrari'sSupercars 599 model has been the thing for them for quite sometime being this popular, the long awaited roadster trim has been announced to be released, in which they would call it the Ferrari 599 SA Aperta, Honoring Pininfarina for their history in helping Ferrari design their most beautiful supercars, Ferrari uses the "SA" badge for Sergio and Andrea Pininfarina, while the Aperta means open in Italian which best describes this open roof roadster.

TheFerrari 599 Full specs of this Ferrari 599 SA Aptera is still unknown, but they would probably carry over their standard 599 V12 engine, we expect this car to be lighter without a roof so the it could probably produce a horsepower of at least 661bhp, there is a temporary soft roof top resorted only if the weather gets bad, the SA Aptera also features a lower ride with 2 roll bars integrated inot the rear deck to provide protection in the untimely event of a rollover

Ferrari 599 SA Aptera is a limited edition and only 80 units will be sold around the world, so we expect a lot of collectors out there will be wanting this unit, that is collectors with a lot of cash because this supercar will cost more than €400,000 the most expensive Ferrari so far, Ferrari 599 SA Aptera will be introduced formally at the 2010 Paris motor show on 30 September


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