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Monday, February 7, 2011

Local Motors Rally Fighter

One of the rising American car companies is the Local Motors. This company has indeed created a special rapport with their customers. By asking the aid of their customers in the designing process, they have created wonderful car models. But the first car which made use of the design concept coming from customers is the Rally Fighter.

The Rally Fighter has a 3 liter BMW engine. It has twin turbocharger aspirations and a power of 265 hp. This off-road racer weighs only 3200 pounds. It is already very light for this type of vehicle. In addition, its lightweight contributes to the overall performance of the car. Rally Fighter is a four seater vehicle which allows ride-height adjustment. This provides more versatility in terms of the road conditions. Drivers may choose to make the necessary adjustments for city driving and off-road driving.

The car’s design was actually made by a group of car enthusiasts headed by Sangho Kim. Although it was specifically made for driving in the deserts of southwest America, it is also ideal for city driving. As of the moment, Local Motors is inviting all interested car enthusiasts to share their design ideas. Moreover, they allow buyers to personalize their own Rally Fighter by customizing the car skin.


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