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Monday, February 15, 2010

Best Cars 2009

Gamma Concept Car is Clear

Here’s a concept car of the future. I’d love playing with one of these. It looks good and it must perform well enough. The Gamma concept car uses polycarbonate and composite materials to create lighter, stronger and fuel efficient cars. Like we didn’t hear that before.

The Gamma seems ready to show it all. It has transparent areas which reveal the engine and the whole inside. You will never feel more transparent than this. OK then! Where do I find one and how much would cost me?

400hp Evo X Coming from Mitsubishi

As if Mitsubishi’s Evolution X wasn’t fast enough, the Japanese car manufacturer has decided to add some kindle to the fire introducing the all new FQ400 model. Oh yeah, that 400 at the end of it’s name means exactly what you think it means, raw power.

Capitalizing on the success of the FQ400 in the Britcar Championship, Mitubishi has decided to bring the car to the streets, giving the Evo X some new suspension, upgraded breaks, and a few aerodynamic design tweaks to boot.

All of this new stuff isn’t just for looks, oh no, the Evo X FQ400 now sports a top speed of 170MPH and goes from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. Theres no word on pricing yet, but regardless, I want one.

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2009 Nissan Sentra Has a Price

If Nissan is your favorite car maker in the whole universe then you’ll be happy to find out the price for the 2009 Nissan Sentra. The base Sentra costs $16,730 with a CVT transmission. The SE-R Spec V with 200 hp and a six-speed stick will cost about $21,160. All models come with a 2 liter four-cylinder engine, new trunk lid design, MP3 player and a Premium Audio Package. The SE-R models come with a glass moonroof and Nissan Intelligent Key. Need more? Go to your Nissan dealer and take the car for a test drive if he happens to have one available!

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All Jeep models are currently being manufactured in India. We have the Grand Cherokee and Commander in the Detroit area, the Wrangler and the Liberty in Toledo, Ohio and the Patriot and Compass in Illinois. Current rumors indicate that the Argetnum Motors from India is going to build some of these SUVs abroad. That will save at least 15% in cost according to the Indian manufacturer. But how many people will lose their jobs over this we’re yet to see!

2010 Ford Mustang Shows Us the Stick

Undressing this 2010 Ford Mustang is quite difficult. We haven’t seen it in full and we’re waiting for the LA Auto Show to finally see it. Today we get to see the five-speed stick this Mustang will wear. The knob seems to be made by aluminum and it will be a pleasure to hold. Because holding the stick should probably mean you’ve got the whole car around you.

The Mustang’s competitors, the Dodge Challenger and the Chevrolet Camaro have six-speed sticks. Not that’s a bad thing!

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Ferrari California Will Cost £143,000

By raise of hands, who wouldn’t appreciate a Ferrari? Would you get one as soon as possible? I would too. I only need a couple of hundred thousand dollars more and I will be getting one. The Ferrari California for example will cost £143,000 in the UK. That means it’s more expensive than the Ferrari F430 coupe but it costs less than the spider. Or would you rather get the Aston Martin One-77 instead?


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