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Thursday, December 24, 2009

difference between a Ferrari and a Volvo

“The Finer Things in Life” @ Trump National Bedminster

What’s the difference between a Ferrari and a Volvo? What’s the difference between a Rochefoucauld and a Timex? What’s the difference between a Monet and a paint-by-numbers? For some people, a car is just a car; a watch is just a watch; and a painting – irrespective of the artist – is just another canvas upon which seemingly dull acrylics have been poorly splashed. But for others, the difference between cars yields vast meaning. Performance, style, heritage – and emotion. For some people, a Timex just doesn’t yield the quality and panache worthy of gracing their wrist. And sometimes, though I give her credit, Georgia O’Keefe just can’t replace Dali’s Persistence of Time hanging in the foyer. Those who just can’t bring themselves to compromise on these things – often revered as necessities – have a deep appreciation for the finer things in life.


The owners and staff at Vulcan Motor Club are all too familiar with the finer things – and the lifestyles they accompany. That’s why they celebrated these things – these epicurean amenities – in an evening dedicated to those who indulge in life’s lavish pleasures. Occupying the luxurious Trump National Golf Club, Vulcan invited a select 250 bon vivants to revel in the splendor of those things that aren’t so easily attained. The cars for instance…

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Press: Bentley today, Ferrari tomorrow

Garmany Magazine – a fashion and luxury lifestyle magazine produced in partnership with the celebrated luxury clothing retailer in Red Bank, New Jersey recently reviewed the club. Garmany Read more »


James Rebhorn hits Vulcan

James Rebhorn, one of America’s most recognizable character actors, recently joined us for an unforgettable Wind & Fire Tour at the Vulcan Motor Club.


Mr. Rebhorn has appeared in over one hundred feature films and television shows, including “Meet the Parents”, “Independence Day”,”Seinfeld”,”Scent of a Woman”, and “My Cousin Vinny.”

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The Ferrari California: Coming Soon to Vulcan

We’re pleased to announce that the forthcoming addition of the Ferrari California to the Vulcan Motor Club fleet in early 2009.

The Ferrari California is a modern interpretation of a treasured classic, the Ferrari 250 GT California. The 2009 Ferrari California channels the appeal of the original, and caps it off with the convenience of retractable hard top. The official unveiling will happen at the Paris Auto Show in September.


The California carries with it three notable items. Notable item one is a retractable convertible hard top. If you’ve ever seen a Ferrari 360 Modena Spider with its cloth top up, it just doesn’t feel right. With the California, it looks just as good with the top up or down. Notable item two is roominess, for example, its ability to transport multiple snowboards…and that’s according to Ferrari. Notable item three is Ferrari’s placement of the engine in front of the vehicle, which is significant because it enables notable items one and two.


More photos below.

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Can You Afford to Own A Ferrari?

Like a private jet that requires three to four hours maintenance for every hour of flight time, Ferraris are not cheap to own or operate.

Ferrari 550

This author chronicled the history following the purchase of a new $225,000 Ferrari F550 for six years and the tab was staggering:

Total Maintenance: $65,760.50

Total Depreciation: $135,000

Total Maintenance Per Mile: $1.82

Total Depreciation Per Mile: $3.72

Total Cost Per Mile: $5.55

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Open House @ Vulcan on Saturday May 31

Ready to learn more about club membership? Stop by the Vulcan Motor Clubhouse in Chester, New Jersey on Saturday, May 31rd between 9:30am and noon. The entire fleet will be available for inspection – including the raging Ferrari F430, the incomparable Ford GT, the Audi “Car-Of-The-Year ” R8, the Bentley Flying Spur, the Aston Martin DB9, and the Lamborghini Gallardo.

On top of that, you’ll get a sneak peak at our biggest, baddest addition to the fleet yet. Stay tuned for the big announcement. (Hint: it’s a bright orange, 580hp V12.)

Tom, Kyle, and Aaron will be available to answer questions about membership options and give complimentary rides in the vehicle of your choice.


3,000 Horsepower. 6 Cars. You.

Drive six exotic, high-performance vehicles from our club collection on a 120 mile loop around the New Jersey/New York region. You’ll stop every 20 miles to switch and compare performance and handling with other incredible cars, including the Ford GT, Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Gallardo, Aston Martin DB9, Audi R8, and a Bentley Flying Spur.Your day starts at our clubhouse in Chester, New Jersey, where you’ll receive an overview of each vehicle from our staff, and a review of the tour route. Then, you’ll pilot each vehicle through some of the most scenic and demanding roads in the region, rotating cars at designated checkpoints – approximately once every 20 miles. At the end of the tour, you’ll receive commemorative photos of your trip, as well as a chance to review your experience with fellow enthusiasts.The cost is $795 per driver, and various tour dates are available and now booking. This event is available to non-members. For more information, book online now, or contact Vulcan Motor Club at 908-879-7777.


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