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Friday, May 1, 2009

Saturn Turbos - the Definitive Aftermarket Perfomance Part Upgrade

The key reason why automobiles were even invented was to shorten traveling times, whether by sea, land (via railroads, coaches or by foot) and by air. The cultural impact is undeniable, as the world figuratively got smaller. It didn't take long before the automobiles became a source of competition. As such, cars became faster, stronger, safer and came with all kinds of add-ons, effectively making it into its own unique lifestyle.

But that wasn't enough. Consumers during the 1950s felt that the automobile could do so much more. Tuners or gear heads became a known collective that specialized the performance and appearance of cars. Street racing was gaining popularity and it wasn't long before someone saw the business potential. Thus, the aftermarket business was born.

The aftermarket provided a service that allowed consumers a cheaper replacement for existing Oringial Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, and add-ons to tweak the style and performance of their vehicles. At present the aftermarket is still widely popular, even extending services to younger car makers like Saturn Corporation and its trademark S-line series of cars.


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