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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Run Your Car on Water - Scam

There are many articles on the web which says Run your car on water! Now we may ask ourselves is it really possible to run a car on water? Can it really double the gas mileage and still get up to 25% more power without any major alteration in the present engine? The answer to all these questions is YES!

Just imagine how good it feels to pull into that gas station half as much as usual thereby, realizing how much money we are not spending on gas. It feels great, both personally and financially! Sometimes it may seem crazy to even think of mixing gasoline and water. But according to the fact, hydrogen and oxygen (water), and gasoline mix well and explosively in their gaseous states. The electrical system of the car is used to turn oxygen and hydrogen into gases through the action of electrolysis of water. Now the engine injects the oxygen and hydrogen gas into an air mixture which the gasoline already combines with, allowing the piston of the engine to compress the mixture and the spark plugs to ignite it. This is how a car runs on water!


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