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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hho Gas Car Modification

How to modify your auto

The HHO gas car modification conversion is easy to follow; you will simply use electricity from your cars battery in order to change water into a gas. HHO stands for 2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen and it stands for exactly what you thought it was, normal everyday water, separated by electrolysis and converted into a usable gas. HHO burns much smoother and provides more energy. When using this conversion technique, a HHO generator which creates HHO gas and reduces gas mileage, and it burns much cleaner in our the house.

Buying a conversion kit may not start out inexpensive, but after a while it will have paid for itself, in the amount of gas that you will save. When you convert water into gas, the HHO gas is mixed before your manifold air- flow uses the Engines vacuum. This gas is mixed to provide you with great gas mileage, when you convert this product it will provide enough mileage about it.


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