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Friday, February 15, 2008

Six-Wheeled Stretch Hummer

With enough room inside for a mechanic to work on a Fiat 500, this stretched six-wheel Hummer is as big as my old college dorm room. Someone likely irritated by this monster's inability to conform to parking lot etiquette clicked these photos in Moscow and sent them to English Russia.

An apparent hatch at the top, the owner can easily escape the ridicule he so rightly deserves. Seems he also left the license plates off the truck, so we can't track him down and throw things at him.

Granted, this is not the worst abomination we've seen in Russia. The Touareg/Cayenne cross still makes a little bit of vomit come up into my mouth. That glow-in-the-dark Toyota MR-2 is pretty nasty, too.

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