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Friday, February 1, 2008

Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan and SportCombi Facelifts In Detail

Page 1: Overview
Page 2: Design
Page 3: Interior features
Page 4: Chassis, Brakes, Steering
Page 5: Powertrain
Page 6: Body structure
Page 7: Safety
Page 8: Security and Operation
Page 9:Ownership and Accessories

Ownership and Accessories

Owning and Enjoying the Saab 9-3

  • Flexible service intervals

  • 10 year anti-perforation warranty

  • Excellent serviceability for reduced workshop times

  • Low-speed accident damage protection

  • Favourable insurance ratings

  • Design and lifestyle-orientated accessory range

World class build standards and the use of premium quality components and materials, backed by a 10 year anti-perforation warranty, contribute to competitive ownership costs, including servicing and insurance.

Good serviceability, reducing the cost and improving the convenience of ownership, was an important priority for the 9-3 project development team. This is backed by a range of exclusive accessories, giving owners greater scope to enjoy the full potential of their car.

Lower Servicing Costs

The excellent quality of major mechanical components, due to better machining and finer tolerances, has allowed Saab to move away from rigid time and distance restrictions for scheduled servicing. It is now more important to monitor how the vehicle is actually used by its owner.

In all variants, the engine management system logs key usage parameters, such as the number of cold starts, journey distances and engine speeds used, and applies an algorithm to inform the driver when an oil change is due. The maximum service interval on most markets is now every two years, or 30,000 kms for both gasoline and diesel engines. At any time, the driver can also request notification of when the next change is due.

With the engine coolant filled and sealed for life, the only other major service items for the Saab 9-3 are spark plugs, the air filter and the engine drive belt.

Quicker repairs, lower insurance

Saab engineers have worked closely with representatives of leading insurance companies to introduce ways of minimising accident repair bills, as well as improving vehicle security and anti-theft protection. This close liaison is intended to achieve highly competitive insurance groupings and lower premiums.

A number of design elements in the outer body are intended to make accident and other repairs easier and faster. For example, electrical wiring and connection points are located away from areas more vulnerable to crash impacts and there is just one single connection point between the engine and main wiring harness, which is located in a well-protected position.

Low speed frontal collision protection, through ‘self-repairing’, energy absorbing bumpers (for impacts up to 8 kph) and deformable ‘crash boxes’ (for impacts up to 15 kph), helps protect the body structure from serious damage that would require expensive reinstatement. The front wings are also bolted to the main structure to make removal and replacement easier and less time-consuming.

Anti-perforation warranty

The warranty period covering body perforation is 10 years, a result of Saab’s confidence in under-body joint and sealant treatments and new electro-galvanizing procedures.

The body-in-white is prepared, sealed, galvanized, primed and painted at one of the most modern paint shops in Europe, where quality standards are considered to be class-leading. All primer and paints are water-based, except for the final clear lacquer finish.

Accessories tailor-made for individuality

A range of accessories that include sporty design enhancements, as well as more practical and lifestyle-orientated items.

For a more distinctive look, inside or out, there are a number of sporty accessory options. Exterior items include a front lip spoiler and, for the sedan, a rear trunk lid spoiler. in addition to fog lights; a sports exhaust and a selection of alloy wheels up to 18 inches in size. For the interior, there are metallic and wood veneer trim inserts for the doors and the gearshift mounting, and a leather/wood steering wheel.

Useful additions to support leisure pursuits include : roof racks suitable for use with or without roof rails; ski, snowboard, surfboard, canoe, kayak and bike holders; a roof cage and roof boxes. Removable or fixed tow bars include a hitch-mounted bike holder. The rear load space of the SportCombi can be equipped with a moveable load protection net, a cargo floor net, a bag holder net for the TwinFloor stowage featureand a space divider and a fold-out rear bumper protector.

Pre-wiring facilitates the addition of entertainment and navigation equipment. Also available are a hands-free phone kit, Smart Slot accessories, a CD changer, a pedal extension kit and an extensive range of engine heaters.

Saab Parking Assistance and the Saab Anti-theft Alarm can be fitted as accessories. A first aid kit, spare bulb kit and towing line are also available.

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