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Thursday, February 7, 2008

PPI-tuned Audi R8 to Muscle in at Essen Show

Next month's Essen Motor Show may be a shining beacon of all things tuned, but it will be a PPI-enhanced Audi R8 that will shine the brightest. Customised to take Audi's flagship sportscar to a more aerodynamic lightweight extreme, the PPI R8 and R8 Razor embody a truly advanced machine, its sharp looks enhanced and its sharper driving dynamics improved.

German tuner PPI approached a re-worked R8 with the intention of keeping the Audi's design but adding PPI-developed carbon fibre aerodynamics technology. While carbon fibre materials, commonly used in motorsport, are already used on the R8, they are used to a greater degree on the PPI model, increasing sturdiness and reducing gross weight.

New features have been developed to aid aerodynamics while supplementing the R8's stylish design with a sense of purposeful aggression. A redesigned front end incorporates a new air dam, designed to feed air into the front brakes, and front bumper air intake 'cartridges' for improved air ventilation of the front radiator and brakes. In addition to new side sills and exclusive carbon fibre matte side blades, special handling-enhancing lightweight 19-inch magnesium wheels also enhance the R8 with a dynamic appearance, even when stationary.

At the rear, a more gaping double-sided rear grille deflects engine and exhaust system heat outwards and appropriately complements the exclusive PPI rear plate which stretches between the rear lamps and replaces Audi's rings. An adjustable rear spoiler provides neccessary downforce on the rear axle, while leaving few guesses as to the car's capabilities.

Performance is optimised to provide above all greater driving pleasure and resilience with the development of a stage 1 kit for the R8. Power output increases from 420 to 460 hp, with torque following suit and rising from 317 to 343 lbs-ft. Developments include a new engine management and sport air filter system which allows for greater breathing abilities. A PPI-developed stainless steel rear muffler and throttle system results in low-end torque acoustics that signal 'pure power', while higher speeds produce a more aggressive tone. Acceleration slows slightly to an impressive 4.4 second sprint to 62 mph and top speed plateaus at 190 mph.

Exclusivities continue into the cabin, with enhancements in materials and parts which are offered by tuner PPI in pursuit of an ideal interior. Carbon fibre is used with great enthusiasm, extending from a PPI handbrake, door entry threshold plates and central instrument panel. A specially-designed technical marvel, PPI's new ergonomic steering wheel, combines interface controls for its new dynamic driving and optional carbon fibre inserts. Extras include leather trim floor mats and hand-crafted leather, suede and alcantara upholstery.

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Press Release

The PPI R8 and PPI R8 Razor – automobile lifestyle in carbon fibre

With the launching of the R8, Audi heats up against rivals Porsche, Ferrari and Bentley vigorously providing stiff competition. The Swabian, German tuners PPI Automotive Design GmbH, customize Audi’s flagship sportscar by stoking up the fire with even more coal going that extra mile by providing an enhanced look combined with improved driving dynamics. A wind tunnel-tested aerodynamic kit of carbon fibre in combination with a performance enhancement and special lightweight magnesium wheels in 19-inch dimensions provides measurably improved appearance whether on the race track or the elegant promenade of the elite jet set.

Optimised performance for better resilience and increased driving pleasure

The stage 1 kit produces an increase power output of the original motor from 309kw/420hp to 348kw/460hp and increases torque from 430Nm/317lb-ft to 465Nm/343lbs-ft. A performance kit with durable components designed by PPI consists of corrosion resistant stainless steel sport rear muffler with throttle system. Just beginning at low-end torque, the resulting sound signals pure power, but with high speeds one experiences an even more imposing sound. Matched to this is a complete optimised engine management plus sport air filter providing the unit with extra breathing abilities. Results are a top speed of 305 km/h and sprinting from 0-100 km/h in only 4,4 seconds; a two-tenths decrease versus standard production.

PPI aerodynamics: continued further development in carbon fibre

Without being overstated, PPI’s approach to the R8 was to retain the standard series design, with the addition of PPI developed aerodynamics. All PPI aerodynamics for the R8 are made of carbon fibre. This material is commonly used in motor sports reducing general weight yet simultaneously increasing sturdiness. This material is already featured in the Audi base model. PPI consequently takes a further step applying carbon fibre as the main component with highest quality for its entire car body material. Furthermore, PPI production carbon fibre parts are available in glossy or matte finish. The PPI aerodynamics package includes a lift reducing front lip spoiler. This more aggressive front air damn is designed to channel air to the front brakes, and cut through the air. In addition, the PPI designed, front bumper air intake “cartridges” were created for OEM fitting, and for improved air ventilation of the front radiator with separate air channel for brake cooling. Side sills sedate air inflow between the axles and provide this vehicle with a sporty and aggressive look even when standing still. It’s lateral appearance is completed with side blades in carbon fibre matte finish as standard production series offers carbon fibre glossy only. The diffuser with integrated PPI-designed air channels for exhaust pipe cooling stabilizes the rear with extra downforce and directional stability. The new double-sided rear grill deflects engine heat and exhaust system outwards and flanks the middle PPI rear plate. Rear spoiler with its adjustable wing increases downforce on the rear axle and completes the sporty elegant look.

PPI MAG9: the lightweight wheel from PPI

The new PPI MAG9 wheel design characterises the connection of high technical demands to sporty elegance. The two-part magnesium wheel with nine spokes and a wheel rim of carbon fibre commands not only by its exclusive look, but also through its outstanding craftsmanship setting new benchmark standards in the Audi tuning arena. The offered PPI MAG9 comes in dimension 9 x 19 front and 11 x 19 rear. Through the use of ultra light material magnesium resulting in reduction of unsprung mass, acceleration as well as deceleration and handling are distinctly improved. Weighing a mere 7,8 kg for front axle rims and 8,2 kg for rear axle rims, the PPI wheel are absolute champions in the lightweight arena. Optimal tires developed for the PPI R8 Razor in cooperation with Michelin are the supplied Michelin Pilot Sport Cup in dimensions 235/35 ZR19 (front) and 305/30 ZR19 (rear).

Ideal interior engineering

To complete the exclusive enhancements of the R8, PPI offers extensive modifications in materials and parts to the original interior. PPI offers handbrake, door entry threshold plates and middle instrument panel in carbon fibre. The technical highlight of the interior is the new PPI designed ergonomic steering wheel (available with Carbon Fibre sections) with additional interface controls for its driving dynamical program. Offered on special request is a personalized floor mat set furnished with leather trim. Also available is complete hand crafted precision leather, suede, alcantara upholstery from our in-house saddlers.

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