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Sunday, February 3, 2008


PPI Automotive Design GmbH and Pogea Racing oHG announce RS Tuning for Audi TT coupe models
PPI Automotive Design GmbH presents the new PPI RS TT Coupe. This unique and exclusive coupe is a complete redesign, inside and out of the original Audi TT coupe. The PPI redesign refreshes and updates the complete look and performance of the coupe, creating a truly unique sports car. The car is the embodiment of our passion for Audi products, and a no-expense spared approach to producing the final product for immediate release to the tuning, automotive, and auto-enthusiast community.
PPI Exterior Design
Front Bumper features larger cold air openings for intercooler, while updating the look of the TT with a very bold statement of performance and design. The PPI grill enhances the look of the car optically as well, making the car appear wider and bolder. The lower air intakes are larger and now functional - providing cool air for brake system cooling. There are optional PPI inserts (available in carbon fiber or body color) that allow for the placement of lower foglights or a direct channel for brake rotor and caliper cooling. The lower lip on the front bumper was designed to produce a wrap around airflow into the lower air channels, and prevent lift from the front while the car is at speed.

Rear Bumper provides a strikingly new and unique design. The complete replacement rear bumper features an integrated sports reflector (available in optional carbon fiber trim), and air channels located below the rear taillights that allows air to flow out from the wheel well arches, thereby reducing lift and increasing rear end stability. The air exiting through the channels are directed by carbon fiber inserts (which can also be painted body color).

Rear Spoiler is electronically activated at speed, to provide extra downforce at the rear and insure the car is stable at high speeds. This unique spoiler is made of carbon fiber to keep weight down to a minimum and has been tested at maximum speeds for stability and effectiveness.

PPI Brake Cooling Side Sills are another example of design and function. They provide an air channel to cool the rear brake system, at the same time provide a more aggressive flared emphasis of the cars presence on the road.

Side Door Filler Panels were created to reduce air turbulence at the lower edge of the doors, and help channel the air through the PPI side sills. The piece is available in body color or matt carbon fiber for a dramatic and sporty contrast.

Mirror Housings are available in aluminum finish or matt carbon fiber.

Performance and Handling:
Engine 1.8 Liter, 5V 355/26
355HP, PR26.600 Water and oil cooled turbocharger, with S/S downpipe, S/S exhaust system, modified air intake and high flow delivery system, strengthened engine internals, modified engine control unit. To complement the exterior styling, the engine is trimmed with a carbon fiber plenum cover and features a matching carbon fiber cover for the airbox.

Tire and Wheel upgrades
PPI is pleased to offer full tire and wheel upgrades featuring PPI Fornula five spoke wheels available currently with an aggressive black finish in 8.5 x 18 ET25 with Michelin PilotSport2 in 225/40ZR18. We are also offering BBS LeMans in 8.5 x 19 ET25 with Michelin PilotSport2 in 235/35ZR19.

Brake and Suspension System
Is a specified 322 x 32 Pogea Racing Brake System from Brembo. The system is also available with a more aggressive GT2 brake compound (for higher operating temperatures). Progressive sport suspension with height and damper adjustability for individual settings.

PPI Custom Interiors
We offer our customers a complete solution for all their interior customization needs. The PPI production RS TT car combines a very sporty and elegant interior that matches and continues the expression of the outward appearance of the car to the interior. Giving the driver the true feeling of sitting behind the wheel of a very unique car - tailor made for the individual. We offer full leather interiors available in every color or in color combinations similar to the interior found in the PPI production car. In addition, we offer a complement of racing seat upgrades - and specifically provide any Recaro seat in any specified color and/or pattern, interior integrated roll bar (currently in production), steering and gear lever upgrades, and leather covered center armrest.

The PPI production RS TT features a full alcantara leather roof, front and rear seats re-upholstered in leather with alcantara and perforated leather inserts - featuring a 3 color theme found throughout the interior and the side panels, including the doors and rear panels and all stitched to match the exterior paint of the car. In addition, floor mats, alcantara instrument cluster, and 3 color sport steering wheel with perforated leather for better comfort and grip. The interior is finished off with the branded PPI logo into the leather, beautiful unique PPI carbon fiber threshold plates and a PPI aluminum production number (for completed cars only).

PPI Electronics upgrade
PPI offers a turbo gauge upgrade that is integrated into the interior, and gives the driver important information about the status of the engine. Headlight and Rear Tail Lenses incorporates LED turn signal indicators, LED brake lights, XENON headlight system, and LED halo city lights.

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