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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Nissan Lineup For Geneva Announced

The first day is barely in the can at the Chicago Auto Show, and already Nissan is trying to get attention for their stand at next month's show in Geneva. While this would make sense if Nissan were announcing the unveiling of something new, unique, and/or special, it just does not appear to be the case.

Last year, Nissan unveiled the second generation of their highly successful X-Trail SUV in Switzerland. This wise move was predicated by the large annual European sales of the X-Trail. Barring any surprises by the Japanese automaker, the automaker will put their three most talked about models over the last year on the stand, but will have no world premiers at the show.

Fanboys will gather around the Nissan GT-R throughout the duration of the show, 20-somethings and families will surround the new Nissan Murano, and curious onlooker will try to figure out what Nissan engineers were smoking when they created the Nissan Pivo II. All three are making there European debuts.

At the show, we will get some more details about the Murano, which goes on sale in Europe this October. And we are excited about the Euro specs and pricing for the GT-R, which will be announced in Geneva. I guess Nissan does have some news after all.

Press Release

Source: Newspress

Three ‘stars’ on display showing Nissan’s commitment to passionate performance, design, innovation and technology: GT-R New Murano Pivo 2 GT-R The hotly anticipated Nissan GT-R represents Nissan’s passion for cars and driving, providing exceptional performance thanks to its all-new 3.8 V6 twin-turbo engine. Producing 353kW (480PS) and 588Nm, which is transmitted to its four wheels through one of the most advanced all-wheel drive systems ever developed, via a transaxle mounted dual-clutch, paddle-shift operated gearbox. Driver adjustable suspension, gearbox and stability control settings tune the GT-R’s dynamic characteristics according to the conditions or preferred style of driving. This adaptability reinforces the central philosophy behind the GT-R; the supercar for anyone, anytime, anywhere. While the GT-R is as happy to drive sedately in an urban environment, its impeccable sporting credentials have been underlined by its lap of 7m38s at the legendary Nordschleife [Nürburgring] circuit in Germany, one of the fastest times ever recorded by a production car.

Sales of the GT-R will start from March 2009 and European prices and specifications will be announced at the show, as will details of the network strategy to support the car’s sales and service.

New Murano The all-new Murano will build on the success of the existing model by offering more style, more refinement, improved performance and greater interior comfort and space.

One of the most distinctive models on the market, the current Murano has carved itself a position as a dynamic and striking crossover which represents a real alternative to road-based SUVs.

The new model continues that trend, thanks to its unique mix of strength, security and all-wheel drive reassurance normally found in an SUV, combined with the dynamic performance and striking appearance of a sporty passenger car.

Externally the second generation Murano shares obvious DNA with the original and the signature upswept rear side window line is retained, but taken altogether the changes are comprehensive; indeed, every body panel is different.

Inside, there is greater comfort and refinement – particularly for rear passengers – as well as more equipment and a greater sense of travelling in “business class”.

Murano continues to be powered by Nissan’s familiar 3.5-litre VQ engine which has been revised to offer improved performance. Now developing 265PS and 325Nm (240Ib ft) of torque, the 24 valve twin cam V6 provides better performance against the stop watch… and at the fuel pumps.

Improvements have also been made to the Murano’s Xtronic CVT transmission, which represents a major evolution of the technology. Extensively re-engineered with a 20 per cent reduction in friction losses, the new CVT improves fuel economy at the same time as improving shift speeds and responsiveness.

And Murano will be the first model in Nissan’s European range to be available with the company’s Scratch Shield Paint which protects the exterior from marks and scratches typically sustained in everyday life. The paint repairs the marks thanks to a newly developed highly elastic resin that helps prevent the scratches from damaging the base layer paint.

Sales of the new Murano will begin in Europe in October.

Pivo 2 Pivo 2 represents the other end of Nissan’s passion for cars, which can be characterised as friendly, innovative and design-led. It represents a commitment to finding new, innovative and bold solutions for future generations of motorists.

Pivo 2 is a zero-emissions vehicle propelled by four small 3D disc motors in each wheel and powered by advanced Super-Thin Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries. The driver can always face the direction of travel as the cabin rotates 360 degrees and each wheel has 90 degrees of movement, meaning parking manoeuvres can be executed easily.

Entrance to the cabin is via a single, front-mounted door which also houses the major controls. Operation is made possible thanks to “X by Wire” technology, meaning that the steering and other mechanical linkages are replaced by electronic signals to operate Pivo 2’s drive systems.

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