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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nissan GT-R Performance Kits from Japan's Top Tuners

With every can fan on the planet still awestruck by Nissan’s new GT-R supercar, news that top Japanese tuning firms are already offering upgrades may be enough to send them over the edge. Here are the highlights of the upcoming raft of aftermarket bolt-ons for Nissan’s new supercar:

Mines have developed adjustable coilover suspension, a 400mm brake kit, high-flow catalysers and a more freer-flowing titanium exhaust system. This has already seen a 20bhp hike in dyno tests and the firm is busying itself working on the ECU to allow the car to run higher boost levels.

Sunline Racing have also been hard at work, replacing the standard wheels with staggered 19in and 20in Volk Racing items and working on their own adjustable coilover suspension kits.

Amuse showed their larger carbon fibre rear wing, carbon front bumper lip and titanium cat-back exhaust system at the recent Tokyo Autosalon.

JUN are developing stronger engine internals and larger turbos to be released later in the year, while legendary Skyline tuners Top Secret already have a full carbon fibre aero kit in the pipeline.


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