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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Vauxhall Meriva Details

Safety and Security

  • New Halogen AFL makes innovative technology more affordable

  • High levels of occupant crash protection

  • Follow-me-home lighting standard on all models

No cargo is more precious than your family, and as Meriva was designed from the outset with families in mind its safety standards are among the highest in its class.

As well as active safety features such as the dynamic chassis and excellent braking system, New Meriva has been designed to stand up well should an unavoidable accident occur.

The front crash structure is designed in such a way that the energy of an impact is spread three ways – underneath and around each side of the passenger cell. Reinforcements in the doors, A-pillars and wheel wells add strength to the structure, making intrusion less likely to affect occupants.

Twin front airbags are standard on all models, as are Vauxhall’s patented Pedal Release System and two ISOFIX mountings on both outer rear seats. Features such as head curtain airbags, side airbags and Active Head Restraints are available as options for further peace of mind.

New Meriva also sees an adaptation of Vauxhall’s lauded AFL Adaptive Forward Lighting. Previously only available with Xenon headlamps, AFL can now be ordered with halogen bulbs at a cost of £250.

Halogen AFL comes with two key functions. The first is a static cornering light, which illuminates an area up to around 90 degrees from the direction of travel when performing low-speed manoeuvres.

The second function is the Dynamic Curve Light, which reacts to the steering wheel angle and road speed at all times when driving. The beam of the headlamps swivels by up to 15 degrees, allowing a far better view of the road ahead and contributing massively to driver and passenger safety.

Another lighting feature, this time common to all Merivas, is the introduction of ‘Follow-me-home’ headlamps, which remain on for 30 seconds after the driver exits the car to provide a well-lit passage to their house. It will be standard on all models from launch.

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