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Friday, February 8, 2008

New Toyota Sprint Series (UK)

The Japanese have been providing affordable performance cars to the masses for decades now and Toyota have had their fair share of product offerings. So it only seems fair that Toyota (GB) PLC has signed up to be the major sponsor of the new Toyota Sprint Series 2008. A celebration of Toyota products new and old, the series aims to bring enthusiasts from all over the UK together to compete against the clock for top honours.

Toyota has some serious pedigree in motorsport, particularly in World Rally Championship racing. The rally Celica’s and Corolla’s of the 80’s and 90’s were race vehicles based of street production models such as the Celica GT4’s, so expect to see some of these machines competing. In fact, Toyota still participates in competitive rallying with the TRD branded Corolla’s in some countries such as Australia. So from the classic high revving 1600cc Mk1 MR2 to the twin turbo 6 cylinder shove of a Supra, there should be plenty of action throughout the year for both spectator and competitor alike.

Press Release


What’s the hottest prospect on a race track: a road-spec’ 21st century MR2 Roadster or a fully-tuned and kitted 1990s-vintage Supra? The speed and handling potential of contemporary and classic Toyota models will be put to the test when they go head to head in a new motor sport challenge, the Toyota Sprint Series 2008.

Toyota (GB) PLC has signed up as leading sponsor of the series, designed to give Toyota enthusiasts an exciting and affordable first step into motor sport. A provisional calendar of five events will get under way in March, open to experienced, intermediate and novice drivers.

Honours will be fought for in up to 10 classes, covering the complete spectrum of performance, from diesels and sub-1600cc cars to fully modified and tuned machines. Throughout the season driver points will be awarded in each class, so any driver has the potential to become overall champion. The basic principle of a sprint is for each competitor to complete a timed run, rather than to qualify and race side by side as in other forms of circuit motor sport.

The series is the brainchild of Barry Cross and Adrian Smith, who share a passion for Toyota cars and motor sport. They have joined forces with Javelin Trackdays to design and launch the competition, encouraged by the success of a one-off event in October. They are hopeful tuning and aftermarket companies will be keen to support the championship to show what they can offer Toyota owners, and that the open nature of the series will encourage a healthy entry list.
“It’s our aim to create a great championship that will help further the tuning scene in the UK,” they said. “We have brought together a professional team that will provide enthusiasts with an exciting, enjoyable, friendly and affordable sporting experience.”

Toyota Sprint Series 2008 – provisional calendar

16 March Waterbeach, near Cambridge
4 May Barkston Heath, near Lincoln
14 June Teeside Autodrome, near Middlesbrough
17 August Woodbridge, near Ipswich
25 October Teeside Autodrome, near Middlesbrough (night event)


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