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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Latest On The Pininfarina Sintesi Concept

It seems quite clear that one of the focal points of the upcoming Pininfarina Sintesi concept car has to do with a society where vehicles talk to each other to potentially eliminate traffic and accidents. This information is insinuated in the latest edition of the Sintesi Magazine, released on the Pininfarina concept's website.

This new issue, also subtitled "Transparent Mobility", places the Sintesi as a vehicle that "communicates and interacts continually with other elements." In doing so, the apparently adjustable auto-pilot tells the vehicle to speed up and slow down, pending road conditions and vehicle movement. In one illustrated scenario, the Sintesi is approaching an intersection at the same time as several other cars. But with no stoplights, it takes the Sintesi's artificial intelligence to determine the speed and trajectory to navigate through the crossroads as efficiently as possible.

Should the Sintesi have a viable system, called ClanCast, traffic lights and road signs would become obsolete. Signals would be sent to the driver and displayed in the car on the completely decentralized data network.

Automobile Auto-Pilot is not a new idea, and frequently pops up in science fiction (I, Robot, anyone?). It will be very interesting to see a fresh perspective on this idea. The Pininfarina Sintesi will debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

Source: Pininfarina

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