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Thursday, February 21, 2008

JJAD Project 001: Affordable, Light and Powerful Sports Car

Jim Dowle, a British designer and developer of vehicles such as the Caparo T1 or the legendary McLaren F1, has decided he needs to build a car of his own and, with the help of the Mexican designer Alejandro Loya Iturralde, who has created the images you see it this article, he came up with the so far called Project 001।

Although the name of the car seems not to have been defined yet, Project would be a nice way to call it, since its goals are very impressive: 200 hp, 870 kg and a tag list of £ 35,000, or about € 46,400। You may say that is not exactly cheap, but the car’s sport capabilities will probably make it very good value for money, and one of the cheapest high performance cars of the world.

If the engineers manage to reach the desired figures, the JJAD Project will become one of the most interesting cars to drive on the road, probably challenging the Elise and other Lotus vehicles।

The JJAD will be a two-seater with centrally mounted engine, an aluminium chassis and carbon fibre body। You can expect for more information of the car as soon as we manage to talk to Mr. Dowle and to Mr. Iturralde in order to obtain more images and news about this good-looking vehicle.

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