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Monday, February 4, 2008

Jeep Hurricane Concept Car

Jeep Hurricane
Who’ve ever think that off-roads can accelerate sky-rocket and its turning radius is zero? In the most cases, they accelerate slowly and top speed is very limited. But that isn’t the case of Jeep Hurricane that can be shot to 100kmph in five seconds and it has minimum turning radius.

A hurricane? Why this name? We should imagine a powerful weather situation, where everything is flying around a great vortex all over the country. And it can sweep everything from the ground, like the Jeep Hurricane. And what‘s the principle? The most important thing is its undercarriage with all wheels turning in one way like a hurricane. This is great in a terrain or in cities, where is not enough space to turn or maneuvers with an ordinary car. This ability is a great luxury and it’s definitely an essential part of the car.

A vice-president of Chrysler Group, Mr. Trevor Creed says, that this is the most maneuverable, powerful and capable vehicle in among off-roads ever made. Its approaching angles 64° in front, 86.7° at the back, 363mm of ground clearance and huge wheels prove this theory.

An amazing fact, that the suspension elevation is 500mm, says the wheels will be always on the ground despite of extreme conditions. This car can get over all obstructions on the ground, but it can also pass a river (but you need to check its depth first). The Hurricane can turn its wheels in two ways – the first is turning the rear wheels in opposite way as the front ones to achieve better handling in the curves, and the second mode is turning all wheels in one direction, so the car can better change its direction also up-hill or down-hill.


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