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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Infiniti G37 Coupe for Europe

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Make no mistake Infiniti is deadly serious about the European market and it is digging its heels in for the long run. Infiniti has long been a by-word for athleticism, luxury and durability in the US and differentiates itself from its Japanese compatriot Lexus, by offering a good dose more sportiness and youthfulness. Expect the European Infinitis to trade heavily on those qualities as Infiniti firmly believe BMW is their closest rival. Consumer tests in the US confirm that many Infiniti products are the equal if not superior product when compared to the Germans.

The G37 coupe was release in the US last year and builds from its G35 coupe predecessor’s sublime styling, taught handling and prodigious power and acceleration. For Europe, like in its sedan counterpart, the 3.7L VQ37VHR V6 is down in numbers from the US spec version in producing only 310ps (ps reads slightly more than a hp). There may be a number of reasons for the detune including emissions improvements, NVH tuning or driveability. Big news for the European spec G coupe is the introduction of a new 7 speed automatic transmission replacing the admittedly very good 5 speed unit. The 7 speeder will continue to use Adaptive Shift Control (ASC) allowing a downshift throttle blips. Much work has been completed on the US spec car to adapt it for European tastes. The cars chassis will have been refined to improve high speed handling due to the higher speeds experienced on some of Europe’s roads.

All versions of G37 Coupe come with Electronic Stability Program (ESP), while a Viscous Limited Slip Differential (VLSD) is included as part of the Sport package.

The interior utilises a traditional “Washi” theme to enhance Infiniti’s Japanese origins। Some of the switchgear and materials used in the interior will have been upgraded to cope with the more discerning European customer. Expect a long list of standard equipment and superb dealer service to complete this true luxury brand alternative.

Press Release


Designed from the outset as a sporting thoroughbred, the Infiniti G37 Coupé offers dramatic performance in a thoroughly seductive shape. Although sharing a great deal of hardware with the G37, the Coupé is designed to appeal to a different buyer. The dynamic styling allied to its obvious performance potential will appeal to successful individuals who appreciate beautiful design and enjoy driving. They aren’t prone to following the herd… and they might not even drive a coupé currently.

“The typical buyer of a G37 Coupé will be a little younger than the four-door buyer, but no less discerning. He or she will be someone who appreciates quality but wants to make an even bolder statement,” says Jim Wright, Vice President, Infiniti Europe. “A G37 Coupé buyer might be an existing coupé driver but he is just as likely to own a sports estate or a compact SUV.”

When he does step into a G37 Coupé, he’ll find the exterior styling is matched by a refined interior. And when he starts the engine, he will find a true performance car that delivers what it promises. “The G37 Coupé takes the best attributes of the four-door and adds even more. It’s a car designed to appeal to the emotions, yet one which delivers on a practical level, too,” says Bastien Schupp, Marketing Director, Infiniti Europe.

G37 Coupé at a glance

• Stunning, uncompromised styling
• Two plus two cabin
• Rear-wheel drive driving dynamics with Four-Wheel Active Steer availability
• Potent 3.7-litre V6 engine producing over 310PS
• Six-speed manual or advanced seven-speed automatic
• Class leading passive safety features including pedestrian-friendly pop-up bonnet

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