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Friday, February 8, 2008

BMW E46 M3 tuned by Rieger Tuning!

BMW’s vehicles are commonly well known, so there’s no need to introduce this manufacturer. From the beginning they’ve represented one of the best alternatives on the market. The Bavarian cars are symbols of precision, performance and immutable charm. Let’s be honest – who didn’t dream about the BMW in their childhood? At least once? We dreamed about the time, when this machine would be our. The BMW brand is a synonym for a young and unchained power that wants to reveal. Also we known that these cars are common target of many tuners, no mater if they’re pros or only enthusiast garage owners?. One of the prestigious companies is a famous Rieger that uses same language as the manufacturer. This time the company has improved the most powerful car of the 3-class – BMW M3. Let’s take a look at the result.


The BMW M3 is a combination of power and perfect design that is known for every fan of four wheels. The letter „M“ in the name means something more than an ordinary BMW can offer – it’s especially a great performance and sporting feeling. But in this case it isn’t only about the feeling. The first model BMW E46 M3 was introduced in the year 2000 in Geneva and it was clear, that this will be a very successful car. Now we can agree.

Under the hood of this BMW we can find a furious 3.2 liter V6 that produces satisfactory 343hp (252kW) at 7900rpm. 100kmph takes only 5.2 seconds.


BMW M3 Tuning As we’re used in the case of Rieger, this company always offers something special to attract its customers. Rieger is famous for its approach to tuning without doing something extreme and the results are often very sporty with distinctive shapes of bodykit boosting car’s furious image.

So Rieger has prepared for this BMW a really pumped bodykit that has many fearless elements. Everything starts the front part of the car that has been modified very carefully, because also the stock M3 has a really big sporting potential.

For more aggressive look, there are new eyebrows of the headlights and an extension for the front bumper. It consists of a laminated spoiler with attached carbon diffuser. This is only 44 mm wide but on the other hand, it improves its self-confidence and sporting accent :).

Furthermore, this set has also a pair of small stabilizers as seen on various racing cars as from DTM series. This element is very nice and fits perfectly with the rest of the bodykit.BMW M3 E46 Tuning
Also the side part of the car is great as the front. There are very expressive sill extensions that are characteristic with a pair of smaller openings on each sill divided with a laminated bar. As usually, they’re used for cooling disc brakes. More over, they’re beautifully designed and match amazingly.

The last step is the back of this ride. This is also a place where the designers made decent, but sporting changes, they modified the rear bumper with installing a carbon diffuser that is surrounded with two pairs of exhaust tips. It’s very elegant bud maximally sporty work.

Maybe the best delicacy on the car is beautiful 14-spoked silver BBS rims. Their dimensions are 8.5Jx19 in the front and 10Jx19 in the back. They wears Continental tires.

I think that there’s no better pair than the BMW coupe and BBS rims. The rims made by this producer are simply the best and extremely durable.

So safety first and the tuners has installed Brembo brakes with 355x32mm ventilated discs, there’s also the KW’s sporting suspension for the massive wheels and sporting K&N filter.

The tuners of Rieger did a great job. But don’t be modest, they’re works are always perfect.


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