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Friday, February 1, 2008

2008 Saab 9-4X BioPower Concept

Saab’s entry into the growing crossover segment is a vital next step in an accelerating new-product offensive that will see the Swedish premium brand represented in all major segments of the market, said Jan Åke Jonsson, Saab Automobile’s Managing Director.

Speaking at the launch of the innovative Saab 9-4X BioPower Concept at the North American International Auto Show, Jonsson said: “This concept is more than a statement of our intent to enter the crossover segment. It also represents our commitment to take the Saab brand to new customer groups, offering a premium alternative choice they have never had before.

“These are exciting times at Saab. We are a brand on the move, with a clear product growth strategy that will take global sales volumes to a new level.”

Jonsson said that during the past five years alone, Saab has launched four new models and shown four concept cars, including the award-winning Aero X as a signpost for future Saab design. It has also introduced industry-leading BioPower flex-fuel engines with E85 and advanced all-wheel-drive technology (Saab XWD).

“While we have come a long way in five years, I can say that the next five years will see the rate of new-product development accelerate,” he added. “Our target is to have the Saab brand represented in all major segments of the market.

“For example, the global crossover segment has trebled in size in the past seven years, but we have not been able to offer customers a Saab alternative. That will now change, and the same will apply to other growing segments where we see potential for our brand.”

Jonsson said that each new Saab product, such as its upcoming crossover vehicle, will draw inspiration from the brand’s strong Scandinavian roots in the areas of progressive design, driver focus and responsible performance with concern for the environment.

“Our brand values have never been more relevant than they are today,” he said. “Customers increasingly want premium vehicles that meet their particular lifestyle needs, and that are sporty and environmentally responsible. It is our intention to offer them Saab products as a fresh and distinctive alternative choice.”

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