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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Toyota TRD Aurion In Depth (AU)


New TRD Aurion has an exclusive body kit and exterior features. There are different exterior themes for the two TRD Aurion model grades. The 3500S theme is 'aggressive sports' while the 3500SL has a 'refined sports' theme. Both models have specially designed 19x8-inch aluminium alloy wheels, with seven pairs of spokes and a full centre cap to cover the wheel nuts. The new wheels are designed to provide performance styling as well as improve brake ventilation and vehicle dynamics, while maintaining impact resilience. The tyres are 245/35ZR19 Dunlop SP Sport Maxx.

TRD Aurion has a unique black grille mesh, with the 'R' from the TRD logo integrated into the design to give a textured and imposing image. The unique TRD Aurion body kit consists of a sports front bumper, sports rear bumper, two-element rear spoiler and side skirts. The front bumper has blade-like supports carrying the floating grille surround, to give the vehicle a Formula One look. The front splitter has protector ribs on its underside to protect the front edge of the splitter in tight approach angle situations. The licence plate plinth has a TRD logo.

The rear bumper has an F1 diffuser style and has provision for fitting a towbar. The dual exhausts exit through the special apertures integrated into the bumper design. The exhaust diffuser tips are made from stainless steel to create the impression of industrial strength and quality. TRD Aurion's spoiler has a two-element design to enhance both visual appeal and aerodynamic performance.

The side skirt design was deliberately understated to carry on the F1 transitional surfacing theme and so as not to draw attention away from the wheel and brake package. TRD Aurion has exterior badging for TRD, Aurion and grade name.

Grade differentiation

TRD Aurion has a range of exterior grade differentiation features. The 3500S model has black metallic front and rear bumper inserts and a body-coloured grille surround to create an aggressive sporty image. The black accents are satin gloss with coarse metallic flakes. The body-colour grille surround is designed to create a visually smaller, sportier grille opening and draw emphasis further down from the bumper facia. The 3500S model's wheels are dark metallic painted to create a high-tech aggressive feel. The 3500S is offered in four exterior colours: Ink, Wildfire, Silver Ash and Diamond White. It has one interior colour: Dark Red.

Exterior differentiation for 3500SL includes its subtle differences on the bumpers. The 3500SL wheels have bright silver metallic paint, to create a high-tech luxury feel. The 3500SL has a mid-grey accented grille surround to create a larger, more imposing grille opening and reinforce a sports luxury image. The bumper accents are also mid-grey (satin gloss with fine metallic flakes) - for a refined, sporty image. TRD Aurion 3500SL is offered in just two exterior colours: Ink and Silver Ash, to preserve a feeling of exclusivity. It has a Plum interior.


New TRD Aurion has a unique interior with subtly different themes for the two model grades. The 3500S model has an 'extrovert sporty' theme with a racy flavour, while the 3500SL has a 'prestigious sporty' theme with an avant-garde flavour. The 3500S has a black and red interior, while 3500SL has black and plum as its major interior colours.

Both models have sports seats, specially coloured door trim and a special TRD steering wheel. The front seat shape is unique to TRD Aurion, for improved support and appearance. The rear seat has been changed from a three-seat arrangement to a two-plus-one arrangement. The 3500S has red leather/Alcantara seats, red leather steering wheel and red 'soft' leather-like door trims to enhance its sporty image.

Metallic silver inserts on the heater and ventilation controls, information panel and door spears create a high-tech ambience. The seat trim includes sections of embossed black Alcantara to create a quality feel and add design interest. The TRD 'R' theme is continued from the radiator grille to the interior, with an 'R' embossed on the black areas of TRD Aurion's seats. The 3500SL has plum full-leather seats with black Alcantara accents for additional grip.

The steering wheel and shift knob have plum-coloured leather accents, while the door trim is plum 'soft leather', to create a prestigious avant-garde ambience. Piano black plum accents evoke feelings of luxury on the IP and door spears. When highlighted, the plum hue sparkles, enhancing the avant-garde flavour. Embossed black Alcantara inserts also create a quality feel and add interest to the seat trim.

The HVAC controls and steering wheel accents have metallic silver sections, to heighten the high-tech feel. TRD Aurion's steering wheel graphics were designed to evoke the grip area of the Toyota Formula One steering wheel. The centre console has an individually numbered TRD Aurion plaque.

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