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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Toyota TRD Aurion In Depth (AU)


Behind production of the TRD Aurion are more than 200 Australian-based manufacturing companies. Some of these companies are very well known like PBR, Bridgestone, Harrop Engineering and Tenneco. Others are less widely known like Cebco, APV and Total Tooling. Each of these companies has played a significant role in not only manufacturing the TRD Aurion, but also in providing jobs in the Australian automotive component manufacturing area. Toyota sought to source components locally as far as possible. Many companies working with the TRD Aurion project are first-time suppliers to Toyota.

The companies that have won contracts on TRD Aurion are some of the best in Australia and maintain the high standards of quality and supply that Toyota actively upholds.

APV: VVT-i pipe
Toyota and APV have a long-standing business relationship and have worked together for more than 20 years. "Our strong relationship with Toyota is due to the high-quality expectations and close partnership approach that Toyota brings to many Australian suppliers like APV," said APV general manager Charles Spanti. "They have a refreshing approach. The Toyota way helps to instil loyalty and respect for their brand in our staff as well."

APV supplies a number of parts for the TRD Aurion including the VVT-i engine supercharger pipe for engine oil, as well as suspension arms and the fuel filler pipe supplied to the existing Aurion.

Cebco Brakes: front and rear brake hoses
"PBR referred us to Toyota," said Cebco Brakes managing director John Margheriti. "We're a brand new supplier to Toyota." Cebco Brakes is an affiliated company of BrakeQuip Australia, one of Australia's leading suppliers of components for the manufacture of brake hoses.

"I've spent all my life in the brake business and it's all we do at Cebco/Brakequip - we are specialists in this field," explained Mr Margheriti. "Our quality systems were already in place. We didn't have to do anything different to supply to Toyota, except of course to assist in the development of the new design hose end fittings for the TRD Aurion."

Bridgestone TG Australia: steering wheel
Bridgestone, a long-time supplier of steering wheels and other components to Toyota in Australia, was approached to do a special wheel for the TRD Aurion. "We looked at the project and were very willing and excited to be part of it," said Bridgestone TG Australia account manager Mark Campbell. "We were given sketches and concepts, then asked to provide prototypes as well as sample wheels. These were studied by Toyota's styling department, and when they were fully approved we immediately went into production."

Tenneco: exhaust
TRD Aurion's special exhaust system was designed by Tenneco in South Australia, based on TRD's desired sound profile and tailpipe shape. Tenneco then developed the muffler internals to achieve the characteristic sound, while maintaining compliance to noise requirements. Most of the exhaust system is made locally in Tenneco's Adelaide manufacturing facility, with Tenneco incorporating the catalytic converter supplied by Toyota into the exhaust system, as well as the muffler. The two companies have worked together since the early 1990s.

Total Tooling: exhaust facia and exhaust brackets
Total Tooling Co is a metal stamping and specialised niche product engineering company that has been supplying similar products to Toyota prior to TRD Aurion. Toyota approached the company to supply brackets for the exhaust system, but more importantly to also engineer and manufacture the stainless-steel exhaust facia for the two tailpipes. "Our team of engineers and designers worked in conjunction with TRD to develop a cost effective, stylish component which complements the Aurion vehicle. It's a unique exhaust facia - we haven't seen this type of design before in Australia," said Total Tooling commercial manager Noel Babic. "Toyota had the concept and came to us, and we engineered and developed the process required to support the ongoing production. It has a very intricate shape and is moulded to fit within the bumper, meeting the styling expectations proposed by the TRD engineers."

Australian suppliers include:

3M Australia Ltd Labels, decals and badges
Acument Rivet and nutsert
APV Automotive Components Pty Ltd Metal tubing VVT-i pipe
BrakeQuip Australia CEBCO Brake hoses
Bridgestone TG Australia Pty Ltd Steering wheel
Columbia Consolidated Industries Engine cover
DataDot Technology Australia Pty Ltd Vehicle ID marking
Denso International Australia Fuel injectors and oil cooler
Harrop Engineering Australia Pty Ltd Supercharger
Luna Nameplate Industries Pty Ltd Badges
Mackay Consolidated Ducts
McPhersons Printing Group Owner's manual
MtM Pty Ltd Gear knob
Ozpress Pty Ltd Metal pressings
PBR Automotive Pty Ltd Brakes
Quest Industries Ltd Bumpers and Exterior mouldings
ROH Wheels Australia Wheels
Socobel OEM Pty Ltd IP spears
South Pacific Tyres
St John National Business Centre Owner's manual cover
Tenneco Automotive - Walker Australia Exhaust
Total Tooling Co Pty Ltd Exhaust extensions and brackets
Toyota Boshoku Pty Ltd Seats and door trims
Toyota Tsusho (Australasia) Pty Ltd Wheels, wheel ornaments, shock absorbers and springs
Venture DMG Pty Ltd IP spears
Visscher Caravelle Australia Pty Ltd Floor mats

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