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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Porsche at top of German image scale after eight years

According to a study conducted by German magazine Manager-Magazin, Porsche is the company with the best image in Germany for the last eight years.
Tallying the votes of 2,500 representative chairmen, managing directors and chief executives, Porsche AG took first place in the comprehensive cross-branch “Imageprofile” survey that included 152 companies from ten branches of industry. This is the fifth consecutive time the German automaker has won the prestigious award, which is doled out once every two years.
The study was entrusted to the Institute TNS Infratest and BIK Marplan Intermedia, who investigated not only general impressions but five image-forming factors: ethical behavior, innovative strength, customer orientation, management quality, product and service quality.

The German automotive industry continued to defend its place on the winners’ podium, with BMW and Audi coming in second and third place, respectively. Adidas, Google, Coca-Cola, Hugo Boss and Nokia also finished in the top ten places in the survey.
Volkswagen, who improved its ranking from 76 to 26, experienced the greatest positive image development over the last two years.


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