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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hamann Porsche Cayenne

HAMANN customizations for both S and Turbo models

Striking look by stainless steel, huge 22-inch wheels in two different designs, a lowered suspension, sporty sound in combination with optimized performance and attractive accessories for the cockpit: HAMANN MOTORSPORT now also customizes the Porsche Cayenne.

Whether S or Turbo: HAMANN offers design components for both models which give the Porsche a more prominent look. The SUV gets a new face in purebred off road look with a custom-made front bar made from high-polished stainless steel. The exclusive HAMANN accessory part doesn't only have an optical function: The robust front element protects the bumper against damages which can for instance occur at parking. The underride guard, which is integrated in the front bar, has such a solid dimension that it can also stand heavy-duty off road operation.

HAMANN additionally upgrades the Cayenne with solid stainless steel stepboards. These accessory parts don't only grant the four-wheel drive Porsche a shining appearance in the truest sense of the world. They also guard the side sills especially off the beaten track and also make getting in and out of the car easier.

The exclusive HAMANN look of course also contains attractive light alloy wheels in King Size format: Especially for the Porsche Cayenne they developed multi-piece HAMANN 22-inch light alloy wheels in two different designs. Some photos show the SUV with HAMANN Anniversary II multi-spoke rims of the dimension 10.5Jx22 all around. In the same size there are alternatively available HAMANN PG3 five-spoke wheels. Both wheel designs can be driven with 295/30 ZR 22 tires front and rear. The HAMANN suspensions are particularly set up for the use with the ultra-flat 22-inch tires.

Cars with conventional steel springs can be lowered by about 35 millimeters using progressively coiled HAMANN sport springs. The Cayenne models with pneumatic suspension can be modified using the electronic HAMANN suspension control which lowers the car by about 40 millimeters.

While HAMANN performance tuning for the Cayenne Turbo is still in the final stage of development there is already available a HAMANN stainless steel high performance exhaust system for the normally aspirated engine of the Cayenne S. This system contains special manifolds, free-flow metal-bed catalysts and a rear silencer with four exhaust tips. As a result the V8 engine doesn't only get a more earthy sound but also extra power. The HAMANN exhaust system delivers about 14 hp / 10.3 kW plus.

The interior of the Porsche SUV can be refined with sporty HAMANN aluminium accessories such as a foot-rest and pedals or with high-grade velours floor-mats with HAMANN logo. The cockit can be arranged even more exclusively with custom-made HAMANN full leather trims which are available in all possible colors.

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