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Monday, January 21, 2008

Citroen Nemo Combi: In Detail

Nemo Combi: compact and generous

Compact exterior dimensions

Nemo is 3.96 metres long, 1.72 metres wide and 1.72 metres tall (1.78 metres with the roof bars). This makes it just the right size for getting into car parks and nipping in and out of traffic. In addition, a tight turning circle enables it to carry out manoeuvres that would be impossible for many comparable vehicles.

Generous interior dimensions

Sized for easy urban driving, Nemo Combi also features generous interior space.

The passenger compartment is surprisingly large. Nemo Combi boasts space worthy of the next segment up, with elbow room of 1,420 mm at the front and 1,441 mm at the rear, headroom of 1,063 mm at the front and 1,049 mm at the rear, and a total cabin length of 1,680 mm.

The front and rear seats are both welcoming and comfortable. The rear bench, positioned 40 mm higher than the seats at the front, give passengers at the rear a clear view of the road. Boot capacity varies from 356 litres under the parcel shelf to 884 litres up to the back of the front seat when the rear bench is tumbled forward. These remarkable figures illustrate the excellent interior space of Nemo Combi. To take full advantage of the space available, the removable luggage shelf can be stored behind the back of the rear bench.

Removing the rear bench frees up a significant load volume of almost 2.5 m3.

A Combi XTR version for enhanced leisure capacities

Nemo will also attract young, dynamic customers looking for a practical and economical vehicle that is suitable for sporting and leisure activities. With its special equipment and styling, Nemo XTR further underlines the leisure capacities of Nemo Combi. This XTR version comprises a raised suspension system, 15-inch wheels with embellishers, a skid plate under the engine, and reinforced side protection (broad side mouldings, side guards, front bumper trim) and fog lamps on the bottom part of the bumper. Roof bars complete the list of equipment supplied with the XTR trim. Nemo Combi can thus carry a load of up to 100 kg on the roof, including cumbersome leisure equipment such as surfboards or bikes. Nemo XTR is thus equipped for leisure activities in the city and on the roughest terrain.

A wide range of features for efficiency and passenger comfort

Nemo Combi: designed for easy and convenient access in all circumstances

  • One or two large sliding side doors

Nemo Combi ships with one or two large sliding side doors for easy access to the rear of the vehicle. A wide opening provides easy access, even in the tightest spaces.

  • Rear asymmetric swing doors

Nemo Combi features a cleverly designed cabin that also provides efficient and easy access to the rear. It is fitted as standard with 60:40 rear asymmetric swing doors. The narrowest door is on the right. This makes it easier to access the back of the vehicle when space is limited. A convenient control function opens the doors to almost180°.

The boot sill, ideally located at a height of 53 cm from the ground, makes loading/unloading easy.

In countries where this is allowed by the highway code, the right-hand door can be left open to carry long loads. The registration plate and the third stop light – positioned on the left-hand swing door – can still be seen.

A host of useful features

A host of useful details make Nemo a vehicle with features that make life easier, including:

  • well designed ergonomics with controls that fall easily to hand, and a high-mounted gear lever, close to the steering wheel, with ergonomically positioned controls and driving aids;
  • numerous convenient stowage compartments, with no fewer than 12 locations at the front to satisfy a wide range of requirements. Side stowage is provided for passengers at the rear;
  • a multi-adjustable driving position: drivers of all shapes and sizes can adjust the steering wheel and seat to find the right position;
  • a high-quality audio system with four loudspeakers, including two tweeters in the doors and two mid-woofers, with an MP3 compatible CD player;
  • pre-equipment for a Bluetooth® telephone, with on/off controls in the centre of the dashboard and a microphone built into the central overhead light.

Driving aids to make life easy

Alongside power steering – fitted as standard – Nemo Combi is available with rear parking assist, with four sensors integrated in the rear bumper, and an overspeed warning programmed from the dashboard, which emits a visual and audible signal when the driver exceeds the set speed.

A speed limiter/cruise control function will be made available during 2008.

Modern and efficient powertrains

  • Clean, economical engines

The HDi diesel engine with a capacity of 1,398 cm3 develops 50 kW EEC (68 bhp EEC or 70 bhp DIN) at a speed of 4,000 rpm, for maximum torque of 160 Nm at 1,750 rpm. This diesel engine, tried and tested on other models in the Citroën range, consumes just 4.6 l/100 km over a combined cycle for excellent economy-in-use. At the same time, Nemo Combi respects the environment with CO2 emissions of just 123 g/km, making it the benchmark in the leisure activity vehicle segment.

With this engine, Nemo Combi carries the Airdream eco-label, which is based on three criteria: production in an ISO 14001 certified plant, 95% recoverable at end-of-life and CO2 emissions of less than 130 g/km.

The petrol engine, shared with many other models in the range, has a capacity of 1,360 cm3 and develops 54 kW EEC (73.5 bhp EEC or 75 bhp DIN) at 5,200 rpm. Maximum torque is 118 Nm at the eminently reasonable speed of 2,600 rpm, for an excellent response at low engine speeds.

Average consumption over a combined cycle is 7.1 l/100km with CO2 emissions of 165 g/km.

Both engines are mated to 5-speed manual gearboxes whose ratios are tailored to the characteristics of each one.

  • A 5-speed clutchless manual gearbox on the HDi engine

A 5-speed clutchless manual gearbox will become available with the HDi 70 engine during 2008. In the same way as for other Citroën models available with this type of transmission (from the C1 city car to the Grand C4 Picasso MPV), Nemo Combi will bring its customers all the benefits of this system in terms of comfort, relaxed driving and economy-in-use. This transmission, which has no clutch pedal, features two operating modes: manual (the driver flicks the gear lever to change speeds) and automated.

Safety tailored to the use of Nemo

Nemo Combi places particular emphasis on active safety in terms of both visibility – with its large windows and generously sized rearview mirrors – and dynamic behaviour.

Concerning safety features, Nemo ships with a driver's airbag as standard, and can also be fitted with a front passenger airbag and front side airbags (standard or optional depending on the country). If a passenger airbag is fitted, it can be disabled for carrying young children.

The seatbelts with force limiters and pyrotechnic pretensioners are adapted to the airbags, and the driver has a seatbelt alarm and warning light if he/she forgets to attach the belt.

Two Isofix anchor points are included on the rear side seats.

Efficient running gear

The running gear was developed to strike a optimum balance between comfort and ride, regardless of the road surface and load conditions. The suspension is of the McPherson type at the front with a flexible transverse bar at the rear. The 185/65 Michelin tyres are mounted on 14-inch wheels.

For the XTR version, or as part of an option available in some countries, 15-inch wheels are provided with 185/65 tyres.

The braking system, with ABS as standard, comprises vented discs at the front (257 x 22 mm) and drums at the rear.

Savings in all areas

With low fuel consumption and limited maintenance costs, Nemo Combi also optimises cost-in-use. This quality reflects the expectations of leisure activity vehicle buyers, who place considerable emphasis on the overall cost-in-use of their car.

Nemo Combi boasts a number of advantages in this respect.

  • a selling price that places it at the low end of the range of leisure-activity vehicles currently available on the different markets;
  • a design that ensures robust strength and a long service life;
  • limited maintenance costs, with servicing every 30,000 km or two years;
  • repair costs kept under control by using parts of proven reliability and by sizing wear parts to ensure that their life span fits the servicing plan;
  • limited repair costs.

Modern and functional design

Nemo Combi innovates in the leisure activity vehicle market with its striking size, design and balance of volumes. Compact and sturdy, sleekly muscled without being aggressive, Nemo Combi has a new, strong and highly appealing personality.

The styling and personality of Nemo Combi identify it as a Citroën. The modern front end features a protective bumper, clear-lens headlamps and large chevrons. The large windscreen lets the light flood in.

Viewed from the side, the design lines suggest modern styling, robust strength and generous interior space. The flawlessly integrated sliding side doors feature flush-fitting windows whose shape also contributes to the character of Nemo Combi. At the rear end, the harmonious lines underline Nemo Combi's functionality and convenience, while the styling of the lights reflect its personality.

Nemo is available in a choice of ten body colours: four solid (Banquise White, Paganini Ivory, Tiziano Red, Line Blue), and six metallic (Garbato Grey, Graphito Grey, Nocturne Blue, Malizzioso Red), of which two are specific to the Citroën brand (Mativoire and Lucia Blue).

The interior styling of Nemo Combi reflects the compact design and generous space suggested by the exterior styling. The vehicle features:

  • a modern interior with a dashboard of detailed, functional and robust design giving an impression of space;
  • generous space in all three dimensions; astonishingly roomy at the rear and in the boot, given the exterior size;
  • glazed areas providing excellent exterior visibility and an impression of space reinforced by the light that floods in;
  • specially designed bright and modern upholstery (depending on the versions).

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